Play as your Favorite NFTs

Unleash the power of blockchain as you navigate through a dynamic digital realm, where your chosen NFT becomes the hero of your own epic saga.

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Game Modes

Casual Mode

Dive into the heart of fun with our Casual Mode, a free-to-play option designed for players looking to enjoy the game without any strings attached. No entry fees, no stakes, just pure enjoyment. Perfect for both newcomers and veterans looking for a stress-free gaming experience.

Ranked Mode

Elevate your gaming experience with our Ranked Mode, where skill meets wagering. Face opponents of equal calibre and wager $BRAWL to make every match count. Victory means not only climbing the ranks but also earning your opponent's wager.

Tournaments Mode

Step into the arena of champions with our Tournaments. Designed for those who thrive in competitive environments, tournaments offer the chance to earn significant cash prizes, and collect $BRAWL. Whether you're a solo contender or part of a team, our tournaments provide a platform to showcase your skills on a larger stage.



Brawl without limits. Whether you’re on PC, console, or mobile, jump into the game seamlessly and compete against friends or rivals on different platforms. Experience the thrill of gaming with a diverse group of players, where skill is the only thing that matters, not the platform you play on.